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intenzo- 7585 Bytes Intenzo - Dark Roast (Yellow pkg.) The newest member in the dark roast family. The beans come from the sunny mountain slopes in Guatemala, Costa Rica and grown high in Kenya. The results are an exciting full round bodied tasteful experience. Intenzo is superb for coffee drinks.
mezzo- 7585 Bytes Mezzo - Medium Roast (Brown pkg.) A middle roast from the dark roast specialists. This is a middle roasted coffee of the absolute highest quality. By the careful mix of high grown Kenya coffee, which is one of the worlds finest coffees, the Zoéga middle roast coffee develops an exclusive character with a certain richness. This high quality gives Zoégas middle roast a very full taste and richness. A kg (2.2lbs) is enough for 160 cups of good coffee, which is more than a regular middle roast.
bluejava - 7351 Bytes Blue Java (Blue pkg.) Here, where the mountains seem to appear blue on the high mountain slopes in the red volcano dirt grows the best coffee. It is from here that Zoégas has chosen its selected beans. Zoégas Blue Java is our own version of "Java" which for the native's Java means good coffee. A coffee with a nice pleasant strength, a nice wide spectrum, and a completed after taste of real coffee.
skanerost - 7472 Bytes Skånerost - Dark Roast (Green pkg.) Dark roasted for coffee lovers. Zoégas Skånerost roast is the leader of all Skånerost roasts. In spite of people trying to copy our original blend it still remains a well kept secret as it's original from 1918. The obvious characteristic of the carefully selected blend of high grown quality coffee submerged by roasting, gives Skånerost it's full taste. As it's name reveals, this type of coffee was solely sold in Skåne, but today it's enjoyed all over Sweden by dark roast coffee lovers
mollbergs - 7744 Bytes Mollbergs Blandning - Extra Dark Roast (Red pkg.) Extra Rich Dark Roast. Mollbergs Roast has the highest percentage of Kenyan coffees. Because these Kenyan coffee beans mature slowly, they have a rich and smooth flavor, without any bitterness. Mollbergs Roast is then dark roasted for a smooth, gourmet dark roasted taste and aroma. Today, Zoégas Mollbergs Roast is an authentic Swedish coffee experience.
columbian - 7464 Bytes Pasión Colombia - 100% Colombian (Black pkg.) Dark roast for coffee lovers. In between the flatlands of Chocos and the Andes, on snow covered mountains, grows a coffee bean that is considered the top of the line of the Colombia coffee by coffee lovers. From these growers, we only buy the highest quality sorted beans. We dark roast with careful precision to develop the Colombia coffees elegant taste and aroma. Zoégas 100% Colombia coffee is rich and powerful with a balanced after taste. With delight you can sip on this Zoégas Colombia "au lait" another words with warm milk.
Forza! - 4692 Bytes Forza! (Extra Dark Roast) Is a mixture of Santos coffee from Brazil and hand-picked high-grown Arabic beans from East Africa's mountain slopes. At the coffee roastery In Helsingborg the beans are roasted extra dark to bring out a hearty and tasty coffee, with tones of dark chocolate and chili.
presso - 7585 Bytes Presso - Dark Roast (French Press - Perculator) Zoégas special coffee roasted and ground for French Presses and Perculators. A dark roasted, full bodied, and aromatic coffee with a fresh, full and unique taste.
julkaffea - 8588 Bytes Julkaffe (Not Available until Autumn 2020) - Dark Roast Julkaffe means "Christmas coffee." This year's unique Christmas coffee contains tasty signature beans from southern China and the mountainous regions of Yunnan Province. These add a mild freshness to this year's mix, which also consists of beans with spicy and fruity tones from East Africa. The best coffee Zoégas roasts and available in very limited amounts.

Zoégas will always and only make available coffee of very high quality. This means that the supply of available Zoégas Coffee may vary slightly through the year, and the flavor may differ a little between coffees produced and roasted at different occasions.

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