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In regard to coffee Sweden has always been a country divided against itself. Every part of the country has its own preferences. In some regions the coffee is brewed, in others the coffee is boiled. Dark roasted coffee is preferred in some regions and medium roasted in others.

These boundaries are now increasingly wiped out and the Zoéga coffee has played an outstanding role in this development. It is entirely in line with our traditions and ambitions to show people the fine qualities of dark roasted coffee, whatever part of the country they may live in.

For historic reasons we deal with dark roasted coffee. Carlos Zoéga learned about dark roasted coffee in Brazil and brought this knowledge back to Skåne. It was natural for Zoégas to work with dark roasted coffee and still is today. Dark roast is not only a coffee that has been roasted a little darker, but contains specially chosen coffees that have been blended and roasted very carefully to produce a rich aroma and taste.

If anyone can be named a specialist on dark roasted coffee, Zoégas can. We have the knowledge and experience to lead developments in this field. It is true that today several Swedish roasteries have Skånerost in their program Zoégas has had Skånerost since 1918! And it is only Zoégas who has four different dark roasted coffee varieties, Light dark roast, Colombia, Skånerost and Mollbergs blandning.

Over the last decade our sales volumes outside Skåne have grown. Most people living in the regions around Stockholm and Gothenburg have discovered dark roasted coffee by, for instance, trying our Colombia, not least young people who by drinking café au lait, cappuccino and other specialties have gained a taste for quality instead of quantity. They often choose a tastier coffee, drink less but enjoy it more.

These trends mean a lot to the future of Zoégas because Zoégas aims to stay the most outstanding roasters in Sweden when it comes to dark roasted coffee. Zoégas is dark roasted coffee. Dark roasted coffee is Zoégas.

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