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Imported from Sweden by
Scanamerica, Fort Bragg, CA USA

Coffee is the national drink of Sweden. Consuming more than 20 lbs. of coffee per person, per year, Swedes know great coffee and demand the best. Since 1886, four generations of Zoégas coffee makers have been perfecting the art of coffee blending and roasting, making the Zoégas name a hallmark.

sBean.gif 100% Meticulously selected and blended
sBean.gif High-grown Arabica coffee
sBean.gif Port like complexity
sBean.gif Extremely well vacuum packed
sBean.gif 1/2 kilo (17.6 oz.) packages
sBean.gif Environmentally friendly packaging

Available in:

Bean.gifIntenzo - Dark Roast (Yellow pkg.)
Bean.gifMezzo - Medium Roast (Brown pkg.)
Bean.gifBlue Java - Light Dark Roast (Blue pkg.)
Bean.gifSkånerost - Dark Roast (Dark Green pkg.)
Bean imageMollbergs Blandning - Extra Dark Roast (Red pkg.)
Bean.gifPasión Colombia - 100% Colombian (Black pkg.)
Bean.gifEspresso Della Casa - Espresso Roast (Black and Red pkg.)
Bean.gifPresso - Dark Roast For French Press (Light Green pkg.)
Bean.gifJulkaffe - Christmas Dark Roast (Red pkg.)

Zoégas is Dark Roasted Coffee
Zoégas Business Concept
The History of Zoégas
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Coffee starts at $13.95 per package.

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EMail Zoegas at scanam@mcn.org